Monday, March 1, 2010

Hybrid Ducks are cool...

Back in the end of November, early December, fellow Stratford birder Frank Mantlik located a drake Mallard x Pintail hybrid. I think it is actually a Pintail x Mallard, based on field marks and features. The inset photo below, and photo further below were taken during it's first appearance on December 1st, '09.

The bird eventually vanished, only to reappear this week.... found again by Frank. The bird is at Wooster Pond in Stratford, CT... part of a park and Middle School.

Wooster Pond is also known for producing good waterfowl, in a less than clean and less than 'wild' area. This winter season, the pond has produced numerous Green-winged Teal (often over 20 at times), Northern shoveler, Northern Pintail, Pintail x Mallard, Black Duck x Mallard, American Wigeon, Wood Duck, Gadwall, Snow Goose, and Cackling goose.

It is an easy place to access, park, and bird. And during migrations, the wood edges and thickets/trees around the streams,and woodland trails in the back, produce nice songbirds.... especially warblers. Definitely worth a trip there when doing the Stratford rounds in winter or during migrations. Often a reliable spot for waterthrush, as I ahd both species there this past summer.



  1. Hey Brian,

    I just took a look at many of the photos in your " Ahh...nature..." gallery. You have many first class photos in there. Congratulations on having such a fine gallery.

  2. Thanks, Charlie. That means a lot coming from you... a very seasoned birder and nature viewer.

    My sister is actually in the process of setting me up and account (not sure on what site) where I have a gallery, and people can purchase photos. They can put it on canvas, any size, posters.... really cool.

    Hopefully I can get a few out there!!

    Off to Town Fair now for an 11:00 apt, so hopefully I can go right to Long beach for the Glauco right from there. But I'd be lying if I said I was OK with leaving thousands of dollars of gear/equiptment in my truck while it is getting worked on!

    Thanks again,