Monday, February 8, 2010


I finally purchased an item which is almost a must on my upcoming trip, not to mention birding down by the shore.

I finally purchased a scope. I don't have the cash to pay for those Swarovski or Leica or Nikon, so Jim Zipp helped me out in choosing a scope in my price range, that would be a quality one. (Jim owns the Fat Robin Wild Bird and Nature Shop in Hamden, CT).

The one I got, which, in my opinion, is the coolest thing ever, is the Vortex Skyline 80mm. It's zoom range is 20-60x.

I bought it yesterday (Sunday), and tried it out on a flicker.... amazing. Then once the night divided the day, I aimed it at the universe. The Orion Nebula's (M42) gorgeous blue emission nebula clouds stood out so well. I then moved up to M45, the Pleiades Cluster, and was able to make out well over 20 stars!! The naked eye shows about 7-8.

Quick little info.... the Pleiades Cluster is the logo for Subaru Auto.

So my gear so far is as follows:

-Vortex Skyline 80mm, 20-60x zoom (mounted on Celestron tripod)
-Celestron 20x80 Skymaster binoculars (why I got the tripod!)
-my trusty Bushnell 8x42s (I think thats the magn.)
-Canon Digi Rebel xS w/ a Canon EFS 18-55mm lens w/Image Stabilizer, and a Canon Ultrasonic EF 70-300mm zoom lens w/Image Stabilizer

I should have started the blog later.... I get myself all excited.... then I look at the calender =(

At least we are actually getting a snow storm mid-week.... now I can use my scope down at Stratford Point!!! (And stop borrowing Twans!)


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  1. Congrats Brian, that's awesome. Really exciting. The best of luck with the new scope. It'll make your trip that much better.