Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Snow Birds... After Watching the Feeders.

(-My route to the passerine flock in Roosevelt Forest in Stratford, about 2-300 yards off a blazed trail-)

I used my truck as a 'pseudo-blind' to get close(er) to my feeders and wood edges to get some snowy bird photos, specifically of the Towhees and maybe a Field sparrow that comes by on and off. I also went to a local town owned forest called Roosevelt Forest for quick hike and look for more conifer based species such as Red-breasted Nuthatch, Kinglets, Creepers to a certain extent, etc...

(-LEFT: White throated sparrow; RIGHT- male Eastern Towhee in some thickets-)

Instead of going over the whole day, which was quick, I'll just post a bunch of photos I took today during a pretty good snow storm. I stayed close to home, because they are forecasting a ton of snow. (though like always, many different numbers on many different stations) By the time I got home it was picking up and there was maybe 5" on the ground already..... dead-on with the 12" and 24". Right now I still only have about 5.5" in my Stratford yard. We'll see. I hear (again... hearing every possible scenario) e are in for more tonight, with possible bursts of 1-3" an hour. The kind of snow I go outside and take a night-hike in!!

Hope you enjoy the 'Freezing February Photos'!

(-This male Red-bellied Woodpecker took about two weeks to figure out how to get onto it well to get to the delicious seed mix inside. This individual, I've named Rusty, has been coming to my yard for over a year with it's mate, Ruby. I don't know if the male is the same one, but the female is because she has a distinct shaped and sized tuft of red feathers just above the eyes... a bit different looking than most female RBWPs.-)

(Disclaimer... all were taken at my house except the photo of the Golden-crowned Kinglet which was at Roosevelt. And that photo is very poor.) One of my favorites shows underneath the fanned out tail of a White-breasted Nuthatch showing the classic chestnut blotches on the undertail coverts. Red-breasted Nuthatches have a uniform light red/rusty-ish color underneath (perhaps... Red-breasted has something to do with that??)

(Golden-Crowned Kinglet in Roosevelt Forest, Stratford. Seen in a large flock of passerines moving through a tall pine grove. The first RCKI I've seen in a few months. -)

(-White-breasted Nuthatch showing the chestnut/brown blotchy vent/belly/undertail coverts, and the white outer tail feathers of the underside of the fanned tail.-)

(-White-breasted Nuthatch waiting his turn (Titmice trump many at the tree feeder!)-)

(-Gorgeous Song Sparrow hanging out in a thistle row on the edge of the woods behind my house. This row is a spot where several birds hide from predators and wind, and to roost.-)


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