Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Any Ideas??

For the 1 or 2 people who may read this, I would love some great birding spots on my 'loop'. Those other than the obvious.

My route is from Stratford, CT to Rapid City, SD.... to Yellowstone NP.... to Vegas.... to SoCal... to Tuscon... to Corpus Christi... to The Keys... to Cape Hatteras... to Cape May... back to Stratford, and any and everywhere inbetween.

I love finding my own spots to explore, like when I found a Great Horned Owl at Mt. Rushmore.... or an American Bittern and Solitary Sandpiper in a man-made pond at the IL/WI border interstate welcome center (I wanna say I-90)... or the mile+ long Common Nighthawk swarm flying over a rest-stop near Indiana Dunes Nat'l Lakeshore.

I am stuck on 304 lifers, and my goal is to be at 400 by the time I complete the loop.

Good birding, all!



  1. Hi Brian,
    I would try Red Rock Canyon National Conservational Area near Las Vegas for desert/western species. Unfortunately I was only 9 years old when I visited the canyon but the views were magnificent and the habitat was great.

    By the way, Peter Thayer has labels on google earth for 250 birding sites across America. Some may lie in your path.


  2. Thanks, Peter. I am really going to focus on western species and desert species. I cant really pick out one target, but mostly passerines and hummers.

    I'll certainly check that out on Google Earth. Although one aspect that I enjoy the most is finding spur of the moment tnings on a road-trip, I still want to have a lot of ideas/choices beforehand.