Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Planning is agony!!

(adult White Ibis, FL-top; Sandhill Crane, FL-bottom)

Man I wish I can just get up and go now!! My sister, who lives in central Florida (Lake Mary) has been sending me photos of birds she see from her desk outside her work window.

There are rentention ponds within 1/4m of her work, and in the last month she sent me 2 photos, asking what species. One was a Sandhill Crane, the other, a White Ibis. What is really funny to me, is that she sent me the photo of the crane MINUTES after negative reports started coming in about a Sandhill hanging out in Durham, CT. I know birds are amazing travelers, but 1000+ miles in 15 minutes!!

Both species are year-round residents in her area, so I can expect to see both when I visit on my trip (probably later-May). The Ibis will be a lifer! I didn't go see the single crane in CT, although a state list bird for me, because it would fail in comparison to the several hundred I saw in a single flock migrating overhead in Girdwood, Alaska in 09/08. (inset photo). Less than one hour after the crane flock, an even larger flock of Greater White-fronted Geese.

( Thousands of Snow Geese, ND-top; Sandhill Cranes, AK-bottom)

Is it just me, or is everything cool OUTSIDE of Connecticut?? No, that is not true at all. I've just exhausted CT. Perhaps I just keep thinking of thousand+ flocks of geese and cranes!! I uploaded the GWFG flock, SACR flock, a SNGO flock from the Crosby Wetland Management District in far NW North Dakota (actually in Crosby), and my sister's cell phone shots of her mystery birds.

(Greater White-fronted Geese, AK)

Future posts, before I leave, will cover places I plan to go to bird/camp/hike/photograph/etc..., a recap of my last road-trip from Stratford, CT to Fairbanks (and other spots, Alaska, and aspects of the planning involved for such a trip.


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