Friday, January 29, 2010

My 2010 January List

Many people participate in a very fun and challenging project which entails seeing as many different species of bird in the single month of January.

I didn't chase rare birds, or really leave Stratford/Milford areas this January. Below is my list of 2010. 100 species seems to be the goal, though I know some birder who hit 100 by mid-January (Tina Green must be up over 115 by now!!)

And since I don't see myself chasing a few misses in the next 2 days... especially with this hardcore cold-front that made it's way into the area this morning. My Oregon Weather Station said it was 18 when I woke up!! So unless a rare bird is in Stratford, I feel comfortable in posting my finalized list of 2010 CT State birds seen in January. The list is below... in my opinion, the highlights were Rough-legged hawk (slow this winter), Snowy Owl, juvenile Goshawk, and a rather reliable (based on the individuals ambitions to walk about a mile in windy cold shore weather to find it!) and Orange-crowned Warbler at Long Beach Stratford.

Scot Kruitbosch and I agreed that the normal surveys and random birding would pull the Big Jan 100. I only went searching for species once (OCWA/Longspur/Snowy), and I feel good to know that I could pull 100+ species while kinda, 'lackadaisically' birding this month.

1- Red-throated Loon
2- Common Loon
3- Pied-billed Grebe
4- Great Cormorant
5- Double-crested Cormorant
6- Great Blue Heron
7- Black-crowned Night-heron
8- Mute Swan
9- Canada Goose
10- Brant
11- Wood Duck
12- Mallard
13- American Black Duck
14- Gadwall
15- Northern Pintail
16- American Wigeon
17- Green-winged Teal
18- Canvasback
19- Ring-necked Duck
20- Long-tailed Duck
21- White-winged Scotor
22- Common Goldeneye
23- Bufflhead
24- Hooded Merganser
25- Common Merganser
26- Red-breasted Merganser
27- Turkey Vulture
28- Northern Harrier
29- Sharp-shinned Hawk
30- Cooper's Hawk
31- Northern Goshawk
32- Red-shouldered Hawk
33- Red-tailed Hawk
34- Rough-legged Hawk
35- Bald Eagle
36- Merlin
37- American Kestrel
38- Peregrine Falcon
39- Wild Turkey
40- American Coot
41- Killdeer
42- Willet ('Western')
43- Purple Sandpiper
44- Sanderling
45- Dunlin
46- Boneparte's Gull
47- Ring-billed Gull
48- Herring Gull
49- Iceland Gull
50-Great Black-backed Gull
51- Mourning Dove
52- Rock Dove
53- Monk Pakakeet
54- Great Horned Owl
55- Snowy Owl
56- Barred Owl
57- Belted Kingfisher
58- Red-bellied Woodpecker
59- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
60- Downy Woodpecker
61- Hairy Woodpecker
62- Northern Flicker
63- Pileated Woodpecker
64- Blue Jay
65- Common Raven
66- American Crow
67- Fish Crow
68- Horned Lark
69- Tufted Titmouse
70-Black-capped Chickadee
71- Red-breasted Nuthatch
72- White-breasted Nuthatch
73- Brown Creeper
74- Carolina Wren
75- Winter Wren
76- Golden-crowned Kinglet
77- Eastern Bluebird
78- American Robin
79- Gray Catbird
80- Northern Mockingbird
81- European Starling
82- American Pipit
83- Cedar Waxwing
84- Orange-crowned Warbler
85- Northern Cardinal
86- Eastern Towhee
87- American Tree Sparrow
88- Field Sparrow
89- Savannah Sparrow (including 'Ipswich' ssps
90- White-throated Sparrow
91- Fox Sparrow
92- Song Sparrow
93- Dark-eyed Junco
94- Lapland Longspur
95- Snow Bunting
96- Brown-headed Cowbird
97- Red-winged Blackbird
98- Common Grackle
99- Boat-tailed Grackle
100- Purple Finch
101- House Finch
102- American Goldfinch
103- House Sparrow

Total as of 1/29/201O)


  1. Hey Brian,
    I just added up my Jan list, for shits and giggles, and came up with 105. I got out birding here and there and chased a few things, but was very focused on gulls and such. I didn't spend any time in the woods or thickets. Last I heard, Tina was somewhere over 140 for the month! Good for her; she's put in a ton of time and effort which really shows.

  2. I know, he deserves to 'win'. Ya know what's funny, last year I actually tried and I think I came up with 111.

    Goes to show that birds fluxuate, and that perhaps my skills have improved over the year!


  3. Ooopps... 'SHE' deserves the win. Tina has been EVERYWHERE!!