Saturday, April 3, 2010

FOYs continue.....

I made a trip down to Milford Point today to say hey to a few people (used to volunteer there). and to check on the Piping Plover situation.

I found two separate pairs of Piping Plovers (no Bermuda leg bands.... yet!!!), and 7 American Oystercatchers. Birds were pretty plentiful today there. A decent sized flock of about 100(+) Dunlin along the LIS sound, 3 Opsreys hanging about.... 2 residents and one intruder, good sized numbers of gulls plankton feeder... one of which was a probable Lesser Black-backed gull... too far and too bright to be sure, but I could make out the nape streaking of the adult bird, 2 Tree swallows, a Red-necked Grebe close to breeding best, 3 Horned grebes in breeding best, and the usual suspects. There were also several Killdeer, a half dozen Black-bellied plovers, several Greater yellowlegs, and a single (probable) Lesser yellowlegs. Not good enough lighting or visibliliy of field marks to make it a FOY yet. I'd like to think I'll get one before I leave!!

My next stop was just down the road (and beach) to Silver Sands SP, also in Milford. I stopping quickly to say 'HEY!' to a good friend who is an ACO at the Milford Animal Control center building there, and he actually pointed out a few birds he had been seeing. One of which he told me about yesterday and I IDed for him in the form of 2 Glossy Isis, and some fast flying green-ness, as so described. They were a few Tree swallows.

We walked out to then end of the board walk so I can show how far my new scope can go, and there were perfect subjects about (not the females... wow, they flock on the first nice weekend!!). There were 3 Snowy egrets and a single Great egret in the trees of nearby Charles Island. Other notable birds were 3 Osprey and a single Peregrine falcon. More gull plankot feeding here as well.

FOYS for today:

  • Piping Plovers
  • American Oystercatchers
  • Snowy Egret
  • Glossy Ibis (reported, didn't see until today)
  • Red-necked Grebe (didn't see Larry's on the boat in early March)
  • Black-bellied Plovers (didn't do too much winter shorebirding, obviously!)

Nice two day total for me in the FOY category. 11 in 2 days. I also had a FOY Palm warbler this morning.


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