Sunday, April 25, 2010

Phone/GPS and some Sherwood photos

Well I got a new phone, and I love it. I don't know how it compares to others, but I got the newest Motorola Droid w/Google. It is the one with the slide down keyboard (was a must... still working on getting better at that!).

But it indeed save me money.... I needed a new phone like crazy, and wanted/needed a GPS for my trip. The Droids maps and car navigation is amazing. Within seconds, it found where I was, I typed in San Fransisco, and had step by step directions.

Most probably know all these neat features, but this is my first 'real' phone... and I dig the hell out of it!

Anyhow... early on Friday morning (4/23), I met Tina Green at the entrance of Sherwood Island SP in Westport, CT for a look around. I had only been there once, and it was only as far in as to the conifers so see some really awesome birds (thanks go to Tina for that, also!!), so Tina was gracious enough to trot me around the park and point out the finer birding sections.

We tallied 43 species, highlights being 7 Snipe, 7-8 Willet, 4 Thrashers, and a single Yellow warbler (at most, 5 minutes after Tina left for work.. bummer!). That was our ONLY warbler of the walk. The Mill pond and LIS were quite dead.

Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous day (a bit breezy) to be out in nature. And I agree with Tina when she says that Sherwood could, and maybe more importantly should, be the Hammo of Fairfield county. Maybe not as big, but the habitats are all the same... just not maintained as much as they should be.

Below are a few photos I snagged of the few I snagged in total.

-One of many Willet who have returned to Sherwood Island and the CT coast-

-A crap photo of one of the 4 Thrashers we found-

-My favorite.... as I was leaving the point on the shore to head out and home, this amazing little guy landed and was very photogenic. I raised Black Swallowtails before, and I think they are just amazing. This was my first encounter this year with any swallowtail, though the next day I saw two Tiger Swallowtails.-

After today only 2 weeks!!!

(I can't say that Alex's FL birdlist didn't get me a bit jealous that I am not out now!! I'll be down there around July 1st... if AZ doesn't hold me down!)


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