Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Unbelievable. You'd think after Alaska they would get there shit together. They can spend billions on nonsensical technology (iPad, for one....), yet not find a way to safely transport oil?

How many googles of times have ships navigated everywhere? To me, this really angers me for 3 reasons...

1) The most obvious, the wildlife of the Gulf

2) Obama thinks it's a good idea to do MORE drilling

3) My first encounter of the Gulf Coast in TX and LA will surely not be as expected.

I was in Alaska 2 years ago, and drove to Valdez. I honestly wanted to cry due to the way the locals described the disaster.

People ask me why I want to live in a cabin in the middle of an undeveloped million acre forest.... my answer is always.... 'You, and people'.



  1. The water off the Texas coast is not at all "pretty" so perhaps it is going to not be so bad for you. Keep the faith!