Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 3 (ish... again)... Cleveland to Chicago w/spots between....

Right now it is 6:00am (central). Yet to sleep... 5+ from Cleveland to Chicago. Though before I left for downtown, I spent like 1 1/2hrs in Cleveland, mostly downtown, but was able to stay below the storm and bird Cuyahoga Falls Nat'l Forest (going back tomorrow after Indiana Dunes Nat'l Lakeshore). The normal migrants, plus a few we don't get at home. Gotta grab the notebook to get the list. Best was an amazingly striking female YT warb, with some brown on the back... normal??

I headed out of Cleveland towards Chi-Town to get my lost licence.... and I did quick stops at random 'birdy-looking spots' (like the one in PA), and had 17 Sandhill Cranes migrating north, YH Blackbirds all over like the grackles at home, about 200 Snow geese in splendid formation, my FOY Tennessee warb, several Blackburnians, Blackpolls abound (early this year, right??), a few Ceruleans (FOY), 4 bay-breasted warbs (FOY), and my favorite of the quick 2m walk through the Falls..... a migrating adult Golden Eagle (also 2 Baldies seen in the area.) A male Wilson's warb let me pish him in too.... another (FOY).

The big thing was the amount of Bonie's acting like RBGUs. Dumpster diving, picking fries from BK in the lot.

Cliff swallows nesting in MANY buildings in D/T Cleveland. Tomorrow I'll grab my licence, then head back to Cuyahoga. Also there were many RB Gros, various vireos, YB Fly, Wood-pewee, Clay-colored sparrow in with Chippers, migrating Peregrine (lots of pigeons!), S. Tanagers up the ying-yang, White-eyed vireo (FOY) in with the norms, another kettle of BWHA (6 this time) over I-80.... one the darkest of the dark morphs I've seen. Daylight Barred owl, 10+ warb species, Wood ducks... not a bad outing. It was actually sunny for a bit.

In D.T Cleveland, two Rastas (Studio Upstairs) were jammin outside, taking requests.... extreeeeeely good vibrations. They played Handsome Johnny (Richie Havens), and the best version of 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' I ever heard.... they changed the key, and slowed it up. Wow. I wish my SD card hasn't been screwing up or I'd have amazing vids of them jamming out.

I skipped the R&R Hall of Fame, because I got free tickets (all free) to watch the Cavs BLOW IT on the megatron screen at Quicken Loans Arena.... game started at 8, by the time I got out of great pub clled the Rascal House, walked around taking photos, the museum would hve been closed..... me, and my music enlightenment need much more than 1-2hrs for a place like that.

The Cliff swallows (if I remember right) were also a (FOY). I also added A. Bittern and Green Heron to the trip list.

Total trip tlly has jumped to over 70 so far... day 3, didn't even make it to the Dakota's yet! Then the great beyond.

I'm checking out the CTBirds list.... good stuff going on! Especially after the storms roll through!

Best from Chicago,


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