Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick Change of Plans...

I'm heading up north to see Detroit take on Boston at Comerica, Sunday @ 1:05pm. I selected visitor seats in the home run area.... plan to wear my Jeter shirt, show off my Yanks tat, Hartford Whalers hat.....

.....and cheers my balls off for Damon. I met him after a game (not taller than me!), and he was the coolest dude going.

Until next time.....


(AKA -MoJo-)


  1. Brian,
    Sounds like you are really playing it by ear right now.
    Enjoy the Yankee game. I hope that it is warmer at night in Detroit than it is here. Looks like the Bronx Bombers could use Damon or Matsui, since A Rod is not hitting homers so far.
    Congratulations on getting that Brewer's Blackbird. Keep us posted.

  2. Its a Detroit vs. Boston game.... I got seats in the Boston (visitor section).

    Some more rain coming in now, but by the game (Sunday) it will be sunny and 70's.

    Oh yea.... Go Yanks!!!

  3. I hope the sox beat the shit out of the tigers!!!