Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tornados, 1" hail.... I'll take a detour!

I am just about out the door in Cleveland to go see the R&R Hall of Fame Museum in D/T Cleveland. Afterwards, I'll swing south (away from these storms) to Cuyahoga Falls Nat'l Forest for a bit of birding, then to Chicago.

I dropped my damn licence at Bank of America in Jersey by my buddy's house, and the gracious manager sent it to Chicago for me... for free! Dope.

So after the rain starts (I'm on the bottom edge of the hard stuff... check the weather!), I'm off to Chicago for a night or two.... unless the rain clears, then I'll camp at CFNF for a couple days. Just gotta be in Detroit for the 1:05p start time of the ball game.

Right now (10:14 am, est) Chipping sparrows are singing, a Yellow warbler is singing, a female Orchard Oriole is looking slendid... even under the grey skies that have been over me since Jersey!! And another lifer..... a pair of blackbirds who required Sibley's.... Shiny Cowbirds. Their iridescence is almost MORE than a C. grackle from home. Chimney swifts, 2 male RT Hummers loving the Lilacs and some other flower I don't know. Last night a flock of maybe 2-300 C. Nighthawks made a pass north. Cliff swallows in D/T Cleveland yesterday, Bonie's flew over this morning.

I guess my Franklin's was a good find.... juuuuuuuust on the edge of their range. Size and call discerned the two.

Hopefully Indiana Dunes Nat'l Lakeshore isn't a monsoon.....

...until next time...


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