Thursday, May 20, 2010

Off to the Dakotas...

I'm in Fargo, ND now, getting ready to camp out for 3-4-5 days in Little Mizzou Nat'l Grassland (far west end, mountain time).

My drive to Fargo added a Lesser Scaup, Common Goldeneye, an intermediate morph Red-tail, and my first Swainson's of the trip. I pulled off to check a pothole which was drying up, and filling with shorebirds... Least, Semipal Plover, and a single Pectoral Sandpiper.

I also spied two Tundra swans in a pothole with a few waterfowl.

I love the potholes.... a Pelican here, Snow goose there, waterfowl anywhere, migration shorbirds... gooood stuff.' Through Minnesota I saw several Cackling geese on their own.

Sandhill cranes fly-over and show up quite often now.

I am adding that sparrow as Henslow's, due to a lot of guide checking and note reviewing. The bird did not have the white lores of a LeConte's, a white eye ring, rusty(er) upper wings, and a big... almost seed eating bill.

Current trip count: 185 (186 if you want to count the Cacklers)

I lost, and bought a new SD card for my camera, so now I can actually take some photos of the birds from here on out!

No WiFi for a while after now...

Next stop, SW South Dakota and the Black Hills...


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