Thursday, May 20, 2010

The freedom of the road....

It is 8:46a(central) in Fargo, and I am going to head to Lewis & Clark State Park in North Dakota for some camping/birding/hiking/photography(finally!) until Sunday morning (5/22).

The campground sits close to great walleye fishing, amazing birding (duh), and is close(relatively... CT is SMALL!) near/on the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers, and the northern section of Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Forest.

On April 17th, 1805, the park's namesakes camped very nearby as they explored then unknown. To me, very cool.

Next WiFi probably in Salt Lake City, maybe a week or so away. Still awaiting my first Ferriginous....

From Fargo,



I can't find Brainard! I want to photograph the Paul Bunyan Statue from the movie. They changed the names, due to the true events, so perhaps the town as well. I'll ask a local. =)


  1. Hi Brian,

    I am keeping up with your posts and I hope that you are seeing some great birds out there. I wish that I was on the trail of the Lewis and Clark Expedition myself right now.

  2. It was amazing, Charlie. The photos are/should be slide-showing (is that a word?) in the top right hand corner.

    I learned a lot about their expedition while I was there. They noted the abundant wolves, bison, elk... and mentioned the most flavorful meat they ate was beaver!

    Lewis and Clark split many times, meeting up again at lengths up to a month. Lewis got accidentally shot, and had to go for 30 days on his belly. I hiked many miles of the trails, and off the trails, and I can not even imagine what it must have been like to explore and document the places they... and now I... have seen.

    They also traded with Native Americans, as well as fought with them. One trade involved tangible goods for a woman!

    Interesting times, amazing place, and some great camping.

  3. Hey Brian,

    It looks like you've been having an awesome trip so far! Just a quick suggestion - if you're going to be camping along the rest of your trip is a good source for campground information.

    Hope this helps!